Growing Marijuana For Profit Still Illegal, CA Sheriff Says

It’s harvest season for outdoor cannabis growers, and a sheriff in one California county is using the occasion to warn local businesses and individuals about making money off of the medical marijuana trade.

“The advent of the 2015 marijuana harvest season has seen an increase in illegal marijuana cultivation in Riverside County, and the Sheriff’s Department would like to remind landlords, property owners and renters that growing and selling marijuana for profit remains illegal in California,” Sheriff Stanley Sniff wrote in press release.

Marijuana operations in California are technically supposed to be not-for-profit entities, but many ignore that law given the lack of statewide regulations and enforcement.

Sniff takes his job seriously: The sheriff’s department last year investigated and destroyed 75 illegal grows between April and September, according to the release, which resulted in 90 felony arrests.

So far this year, Sniff’s department has destroyed more than 36,000 cannabis plants, arrested 37 people for illegal cultivation, and seized over 254 pounds of processed marijuana.

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6 comments on “Growing Marijuana For Profit Still Illegal, CA Sheriff Says
  1. bongstar420 on

    The sheriff wants us to believe there is no pot around..If its being grown and consumed, profits (this includes minimum wages) are being made.

    What moron produces highly valuable commodities for free- 0

  2. Lonnie Painter on

    Riverside has always been a backwater of ignorance, bigotry and plain stupidity. In 1966 law enforcement in Riverside was still handing out pamphlets on marijuana that had been written in the 1930s reefer Madness period. It read, “In the latter stages of intoxication caused by this Killer weed, illusions pass into hallucinations and the intense over excitement of the nerves leads to rape, robbery and murder.” I remember this well because I managed to persuade the assistant DA to remove them from the different law enforcement offices. It still boggles my mind that they were still in a reefer madness state of mind in 1966 and it sounds like there has not been much advancement in education and knowledge for law enforcement there.

  3. Mike Hinton on

    Our two senators and our governor here in Wyoming still believe in “reefer madness” they say it’s worse then meth.

  4. JIMMY LIMO on

    (opening sentence) “It’s harvest season for outdoor cannabis growers…” WHAT ? It’s freeking MAY ! Harvest season for OUTDOOR growers is September-October… unless you live in AUSTRALIA ! And who needs police drug K-9’s when you have Sheriff Sniff ? (classic name, Barney Fife !)

  5. Chris Lindsey on

    California marijuana isn’t for profit? An anti-marijuana sheriff named Sniff? I didn’t know you guys were delving in into satire….

  6. Susan Weir on

    I guess Sheriff Sniff is confusing Health and Safety Code Sec. 11362.765(a) with the actual Health and Safety Code Sec. governing collectives which is 11362.775. H&S 11362.765(a) concludes, ” nor shall anything in this section authorize any individual or group to cultivate or distribute marijuana for profit. H&S 11362.775 contains no such language. Perhaps he needs to actually read SB420. What a moron.

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