Hawaii to Award Contract for MMJ Tracking System

Another state contract for marijuana software developers is up for grabs.

The Hawaii State Department of Health has issued a request for proposals for seed-to-sale tracking software. The agency will award a contract by Dec. 23, according to Pacific Business News.

The tracking system will be used for all of Hawaii’s planned 16 dispensaries, which are slated to begin opening in July.

In addition to tracking inventory and sales, Hawaii officials want the system to be able to trace the amount of unused material produced by each plant at harvest. They also want to keep tabs on the transportation of marijuana between production centers and dispensaries, including tracking the identity of the person transporting the cannabis.

The state’s interim industry rules will be published Jan. 4, while the business license application period will run between Jan. 11 and Jan. 29.

Contracts for marijuana-related software have become a lucrative source of revenue for some companies in recent years, with states such as Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, New York and Illinois all paying private businesses to develop inventory tracking systems.

With the addition of Hawaii, and possibly more states down the road such as California, this subsector of the cannabis industry is only expected to grow.