The Two Resources You Need to Understand the Entire Cannabis Industry

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Exclusive Marijuana, Hemp & CBD Data for Your Business

Who Benefits from Both Resources?


Use data to review put together recommendations:

  • Regulatory outlook and best practices followed by mature markets
  • Consumer demand and retail forecasts


Check to see if company projections are realistic as well as:

  • State-by-state and niche-specific market data
  • How much other investors are putting into the sector
  • Whether COVID should change your strategy
  • Market conditions

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Top Charts – Marijuana Business Factbook

  • Highest Paying Cannabis Industry Jobs
  • Profitability of Wholesale Cultivators: Year -Over-Year Comparison & Net Profit Margins
  • Annual Revenue & Operating Costs Per Square Foot for Indoor Cultivators
  • Fastest Growing Adult-Use Edibles & Topicals Subcategories by Market
  • Cannabis Product Manufacturers: Revenue, Expenses & Startup Costs
  • Average Basket Sizes by Market & Time Period
  • Profitability of Retailers in 2019
  • Global Cannabis Industry Investments by Sector & Year
  • Investors’ Primary Considerations When Evaluating Cannabis Business Investments

Top Charts – Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

  • Hemp biomass prices
  • Total economic impact of the U.S. hemp industry
  • Hemp industry capital investments
  • Employment estimate for hemp cultivation
  • Top business challenges for hemp-product manufacturers
  • Unique retailers selling CBD products
  • Top Exporters of Hemp Products to the United States

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