High Times Teams With Madison Ave. To Get Its Message Out

Longtime cannabis advocate publication High Times has teamed with Madison Avenue to get its message heard on Main Street.

The magazine partnered with Sparks & Honey, an Omnicom advertising agency, to release a report called “Rebranding Marijuana” on April 20, according to the New York Times.

The goal: “to make pot more palatable to mainstream Americans,” the Times reported.

The end result is a $500 report from the ad firm that’s available online. It it focuses on future business opportunities that run the gamut and have almost no connection to the outlaw cannabis culture of years past.

High Times wants to make the point that major brands should advertise to cannabis consumers, the Times reported.

But even the vice president and editorial director of Sparks & Honey admitted to the paper that there’s “still kind of a taboo around (cannabis),” reinforcing the idea that a majority of mainstream companies still consider cannabis too risky a proposition to take seriously in any way, shape or form.