Hire Learning: Best Practices for Hiring in Cannabis

Cannabis business owners face unique challenges in recruiting and hiring the right people. This new report, Hire Learning: Best Practices for Hiring in Cannabis, is THE guide for assessing what skills to look for and who to hire for your strongest cannabis business. Get top tips on how to hire the ultimate candidates, train for the strongest teams and manage for business success.

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Hire Learning: Best Practices for Hiring in Cannabis addresses hiring differences across KEY industry segments: retail, cultivation, grow facilities, extraction, edibles and culinary, accounting and finance, marketing and social media, software and IT, and C-Suite executives.

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  • How to find qualified candidates for positions with unique needs
  • Where to tap talent sources – even from other industries.
  • What goals and career paths will hold the best and brightest at your company.
  • Identify the superstar roles that hold your teams together and achieve business goals.
  • BONUS: Money talks! Get the salary information for benchmarking by market what makes you the most competitive place in town.

Building the right team in your cannabis business is mission critical for success. Don’t fail when success is at hand. Learn how to protect yourself from disastrous hires in key roles.

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