Large Phoenix MMJ Grow Wins Go-Ahead

A company has received the green light to build a 20-acre indoor medical marijuana cultivation facility within 1,000 feet of a neighborhood in Phoenix, which is technically not allowed under a local ordinance.

The city’s Board of Adjustment voted 3-2 to grant Tryke Companies an exception to the ordinance – which stipulates that cannabis grows be at least 1,000 feet from neighborhoods – despite resistance from nearby residents.

The approval is another sign that local government officials in Arizona are finally warming to the upside of the cannabis industry.

The planned facility will have video cameras monitoring the building at all times, and security guards will be on watch 24/7, an attorney for Tryke told the board. A canal also separates the neighborhood from the lot where Tryke will build its facility.

None of that satisfied a number of angry locals, who vehemently protested the decision to give Tryke the green light.

The opposition contended that Tryke’s plans would attract crime, drive down property values, and perhaps make the neighborhood smell of cannabis.

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4 comments on “Large Phoenix MMJ Grow Wins Go-Ahead
  1. winston on

    Of course it will attract crime. Just like a bank or a jewelry store or….HEAVENS….a drug store (pharmacy) attracts crime.
    Scrub the odor….

  2. John on

    My Neighborhood smells like Cannabis and I love it, and so do my neighbors.
    Smells a hell of a lot better than a sewage treatment plant going in next door, maybe you should count your blessings, and stop your bitching could be worse, your city could have approved something next door that could have cost you money instead of putting money into you towns coffers and schools, think about the tax revenue that a facility like that will generate…

    As far as your crime comment Winston is right on… there will be no more crime at that facility than there would be at the local liquor store, pharmacy, or bank, but your not talking about banning those things from your neighborhood…

  3. murf on

    Unfortunate to see the “reefer madness” mentality doing it’s best to stick around,yet,over here taking firm root in and under the “grow” light of well informed and educated,(translation:FACTS!)the (r)evolution of the MAJORITY’S voice is finally starting to resonate loud and clear through out the country,”We,the people of the UNITED STATES,in order to form a more perfect Union,establish a just justice (not just us),and, by being well informed through the power of knowledge and education,will insure our domestic tranquility and WELL provide for the common defense,promoting our general welfare,secure in the blessings of liberty for ourselves and posterity,do hereby ordain and (re)establish this(a)Constitution for these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.No disclaimers here.Semblance IS intended.POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. j.t. on

    I could be wrong but I don’t think they have a dispensary permit. I think thy are looking for a partnership. More than likely this facility will never happen.

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