IL judge orders post-op pain added to MMJ condition list

A county judge in the Chicago area has ordered that the Illinois Department of Health add post-operative chronic pain to the list of qualifying conditions for residents who want to obtain medical marijuana, a move that could bring in more patients to the state’s MMJ program.

Cook County Judge Neil Cohen ordered the agency’s director – Dr. Nirav Shah, who has repeatedly ignored recommendations to expand the MMJ qualifying condition list – to add post-operative chronic pain within 30 days. Cohen also scheduled a follow-up hearing on Nov. 3 “to ensure the director’s compliance with this order,” a Chicago NBC affiliate reported.

This is the second time Judge Cohen has ordered Shah to expand the list, following another similar order in June to add post-traumatic stress disorder.

A department of health spokeswoman said in a statement the agency is “reviewing the judge’s ruling and is consulting with the Office of the Attorney General.”

The expansion is significant for those in the Illinois MMJ trade, mainly because the program has suffered from a lack of patients. Multiple Illinois industry insiders lauded the decision to the NBC affiliate. Any addition to the qualifying condition list could bring in more medical cannabis users, and bolster the overall life of the industry.

As of Sept. 7, there were only 10,033 patients registered in the state, though roughly 12,400 have submitted applications.

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2 comments on “IL judge orders post-op pain added to MMJ condition list
  1. Bill Holic on

    I’m happy Judge Cohen has the welfare of the good people of Illinois in mind because the lame governor of this state and his puppet, Shah certainly don’t.
    Rauner has to be defeated in 2018 if this program is ever going to prosper. Maybe if corruption is possible, it would get plenty of support. I am barely able to walk but I can’t qualify for the conditions in Il program-you have to be close to death to qualify in this state thanks to the lame leaders of this state.
    Thank you, Judge Cohen

    • Ean Seeb on

      I agree with you, Bill. Kudos to Judge Cohen.

      I hope this frustrating process of needing judges to order Director Shah to do his job properly will come to an end. It’s much more expensive and inefficient to deal with this through the courts. In the end, patients like you end up losing out. Hopefully, you have been able to visit Colorado, Oregon or Washington to see if cannabis will provide the relief you need.

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