Illinois Cannabis Lab Ready to Start Testing

The first medical cannabis testing lab in Illinois is ready for samples.

The lab, run by the University of Illinois at Chicago, will test MMJ for harmful microbes, pesticides, solvents and fungal poisons, the Associated Press reported.

The move is a big step forward for both cultivators and dispensaries, since state law mandates that all medical marijuana must pass stringent cleanliness standards via a lab before it’s sold to patients.

At this time, there are a dearth of labs in the state, which could hamper initial sales.

One lab that was trying to set up shop in Illinois lost its funding after its only major investor backed out due to the state’s low patient count, according to the Associated Press. The lab is now in a holding pattern because it doesn’t have the capital necessary to complete its setup.

Medical cannabis sales are expected to begin either later this month or in early November.

Only about 3,100 patients have thus far registered for the Illinois MMJ program, which has scared some investors away from funding labs and other cannabis businesses.