Illinois Poised to Begin Seed-to-Sale Tracking

As Illinois’ medical marijuana industry ramps up, regulatory officials are preparing to start following medical cannabis throughout the supply chain.

The state recently inked a $724,000, three-year contract with BioTrack THC to help track marijuana electronically from the cultivation stage until it’s sold to patients, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. State records show that the contract starts in August, the newspaper reported.

It’s yet another step forward for a program that has stumbled multiple times and experienced several delays since the state legalized medical cannabis in 2013.

Several Illinois cultivators have now planted their first crop and expect to have cannabis oils available in October, followed closely by flower.

Ross Morreale – the chief compliance officer for Ataraxia, which received final authorization to begin cultivation on July 10 – told the Sun-Times that the company will have oil-based products before flower because it must let buds dry and cure, a step that can be skipped when producing oils.

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11 comments on “Illinois Poised to Begin Seed-to-Sale Tracking
  1. Steven on

    running extraction on non-dried buds is not a smart move. the water in the buds acts as a co-solvent and decreases yield and efficiency. how did that guy get a license?

    • Chris Sapiel on

      Wow good point. Sounds as though the owners are rushing their greed a little, any grower knows this is a labor of love and time. Don’t rush your product. Is a month really that long? That’s what it tAkes to dry and cure under optimal conditions. One in which a greedy grower should have already obtained. Twice the quality for a months time. Hmmmmm

    • Kelly Baker on

      I have never extracted the oil. That being said, I was just wondering if you could just put the flowers and buds into a slow cooker and first just have the flowers and buds added into the Crackpot, and slowly, on lol ow heat evaporate the water off, evaporate all the water necessary off, before you proceed with the next steps, which definitely would have a negative impact on the outcome of the oil?

    • Rick Fague on

      I know a couple of extractors and they tell me they can handle fresh cut or dried buds, yielding pretty much equal quantity and quality. How they do that, though, is a trade secret I’m not privy to.

  2. Bill on

    Marijuana laws in general are a mess. This is what happens when the laws are promulgated by ignorant officials blinded by their own bias.

  3. Joe on

    Always nice to hear the opinions of the uneducated but live resin is now being regarded among many as a superior extract. This is made using fresh frozen flowers and this allows for a product which has a terpene profile of the live plant rather than dried flowers (terpenes degrade as the plant is dried). The plants aren’t cured but that does not impact the concentrate potency however it does effect yield so you would expect a higher price point.

  4. Xarphox on

    It’s really too bad that Illinois didn’t look into all the problems that Washington State growers and retailers have had with the tracking system provided by BioTrack there before deciding on a provider. Illinois cannabis business should brace for a host of problems!

    • Luna on

      I know a great deal of WA Producers and Retailers that absolutely love BioTrack. The people I know who complain are not using the system correctly.

      • Jeff D on

        Agreed. I actually know quite a few myself. I heard when everything rolled out it was a little rocky, but that’s to be expected. The people I know who are using their paid system say it’s definitely one of the better systems they tried.

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