MJBizDaily Industry Giveback Program

What it is

In the growing cannabis industry, we need to support the expansion sector that has grown far beyond the legalization advocacy work being done across the nation. While legalization is still a key pillar of the types of organizations we wish to support, we’ve also expanded our discussion to provide a balanced and supportive program that benefits the industry overall.

The best way to further the conversation of cannabis as an industry in the United States is to further develop and sustain the act of commerce which helps build the economy and overall quality of life of those regions and individuals which the industry serves.

MJBizDaily is proud to support professionals, organizations, and companies working to develop a strong and responsible cannabis industry in the United States and other key global markets. Our primary categories of support are:

  1. Professional Development and Inclusion: Our philosophy is that the more inclusive the industry becomes, the stronger it will be today and in the future.
  2. Sustainability and Community Development: The cannabis industry provides significant areas of discussion as it relates to green initiatives, responsible use and behavior, positive impact and risks of cannabis businesses and facilities in and around communities.
  3. Legal Advocacy: MJBizDaily will support and provide fact-based discussions around federal legalization and/or non-interference with state approved programs to avoid confusion that risks the slow development of the industry’s growth.

Ways in Which We Support

Our Voice

Many organizations benefit most from being able to reach and speak to the industry-as-a-whole.  Through a variety of partnerships and sponsorships, MJBizDaily has some of the broadest and deepest ties to the cannabis industry on the North American continent. We amplify the voice of select organizations through our magazine, our social media channels, and the MJBizDaily advertising network.  Partnership proposals can be submitted online via our partner portal.

Our Donations

Each year, MJBizDaily selects organizations to support through monetary donations programs. The Giveback Program and recipients are featured at MJBizCon showcasing our three pillars. We are pleased to be able to support a number of organizations across the country while also encouraging others to do the same.


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