Insurance Firms Urged to Craft MJ Policies

Mainstream insurance companies should start crafting policies to cover legal marijuana businesses as the industry grows, a report in an insurance trade publication recommends.

Rec legalization will have a “profound impact” on various types of insurance including personal, commercial, workers’ comp, product liability and healthcare plans, according to

Insurance companies can deny claims because marijuana is federally illegal, and a contract covering illegal items is unenforceable. But rejecting a claim is “unwise,” the site said, because state laws covering the cannabis industry often say that insurance contracts are enforceable despite federal marijuana scheduling.

Some marijuana companies have already considered offering insurance products since many regular insurance businesses may be reluctant to offer services. Experts have advised companies to get retroactive insurance policies, as switching plans can have a negative effect on their coverage.

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One comment on “Insurance Firms Urged to Craft MJ Policies
  1. victoria smith on

    Legalization creates all kinds of new business opportunities. There’s a large, untapped and profitable market for insurance coverage specifically tailored for mj businesses.

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