An Overview of Cannabis Legalization Around the World

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Industry Insight: Countries to Watch focuses on 10 prominent countries whose cannabis policies and plans are already shifting the way industry leaders approach business decisions.

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Africa & The Middle East
Turkey Zimbabwe
Central & South America and the Carribbean
Columbia Jamaica
Brazil Chile
Recreational is also legal for Citizens.
Argentina Cayman Islands
Paraguay Peru
North America
Recreational is also Legal, effective Oct. 17, 2018
United States
Many Individual states have legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis, but it’s still illegal federally.
Southeast Asia & Oceania
New Zealand
Germany The Netherlands
Croatia Czech Republic
Denmark Greece
Italy Macedonia
Malta Portugal
Finland Ireland
Luxembourg Norway
Poland United Kingdom
Decriminalized for personal use, and hundreds of cannabis clubs exist, but commercial production and sales is illegal at the federal level.
Cannabis products legal if below 1% THC; several pilot projects underway.

Cross-border stock listings, mergers and acquisitions, international and intercontinental partnerships, and investments in foreign businesses are already happening – but not every legalized country treats these deals equally.

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  • Optimizing involvement across every cannabis sector, including: cultivation, distribution, retail and ancillary products and services

Download Free Report Now »

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