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New disclosure rules open door to fresh funding, M&As for Canadian cannabis companies in US

The flow of financing and acquisitions involving cross-border marijuana companies is expected to pick up after new risk-disclosure rules were unveiled last week that provide greater clarity for Canadian companies with U.S. operations, said analysts and executives. The updated requirements from the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) were anticipated after the regulatory group said in January it would […]

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‘Launchpad to Asia’: Cronos pulls veil off Australian joint venture

Cronos Group unveiled its Australian joint venture and the first phase of a 10-million-Australian-dollar ($8 million) production facility, the latest move by a Canadian company to carve out opportunities to meet demand Down Under and position itself to capitalize on future possibilities in Asia. It’s the first Canadian company to help build a medical cannabis company in Australia […]

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20 people to watch in 2018

The cannabis industry is poised for huge growth in 2018 thanks in part to the expected launch of several massive new marijuana markets such as California and Canada, which will generate billions of dollars in sales and create tens of thousands of business opportunities.

The changing business climate will lead to new challenges, struggles and, potentially, failures for companies and the individuals behind them.

As we hurtle into 2018, the editorial staff at Marijuana Business Magazine – which is published by Marijuana Business Daily – singled out 20 executives in the cannabis space who bear watching in the year ahead.

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Proposed Canadian medical marijuana tax could funnel patients to black market, critics warn

A proposed excise tax on medical marijuana in Canada could push even more patients to the black market and curb demand in the regulated market, executives, economists and patients told Marijuana Business Daily. The federal government plans to apply the same 10% excise tax on medical users as recreational users. That’s on top of provincial and […]

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Aurora, CanniMed agree to CA$1.2B merger, creating one of world’s largest marijuana companies

A hostile takeover attempt turned friendly Wednesday when two of Canada’s largest marijuana producers agreed to bury the hatchet and combine their operations to become one of the world’s largest cannabis companies.

After five days of marathon negotiations, Saskatchewan’s CanniMed Therapeutics accepted Aurora Cannabis’ sweetened cash and share offer worth 1.2 billion Canadian dollars ($900 million).

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Italy addresses ‘systematic’ medical marijuana shortage with help from Canadian companies

Two Canadian-based companies are turning to acquisitions and supply agreements to address a “systematic” shortfall of medical marijuana in Italy that’s estimated to be in the thousands of kilograms. Toronto-based Nuuvera said last week it is acquiring one of only seven companies in Italy with a license to import medical cannabis. Hours later, the German […]

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Canadian marijuana companies opening wallets to tap California market

A handful of Canadian marijuana companies are already knee-deep in California, deploying millions of dollars in cultivation facilities, retail outlets and branded products to establish a footprint in the world’s largest marijuana market. Executives at the companies – whose shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) – said they hope to capitalize on: Access to […]

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Provincial Preview: Quebec cannabis market isn’t the entrepreneurial wasteland you might think it is

Quebec’s nascent marijuana industry may be home to a disproportionately small number of licensed producers and off-limits to entrepreneurs in the retail sector, but that doesn’t mean the province lacks opportunity.

You just need to know where to look, particularly among cannabis-related ancillary businesses.

The province’s medical market, for one, has nowhere to go but up.

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