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Cannabis firms, policymakers must work hand-in-hand, ex-Canadian prime minister says in MJBizConINT’L keynote

Marijuana companies must take an active role in working with policymakers, says former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell. Businesses can impact cannabis public policy by providing the knowledge needed to help policymakers dismiss old language and beliefs about cannabis and replace that with new knowledge. That was one of the messages Campbell had for cannabis […]

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As Brazil prepares for major changes, authorizations to import medical cannabis surpass 10,000

The number of total authorizations granted to individual Brazilian patients to import medical cannabis since the program launched in 2014 surpassed 10,000 at the end of June 2019, according to data that the country’s health-care regulator shared directly with Marijuana Business Daily. Upon obtaining an authorization, Brazilian patients can import a maximum quantity of medical cannabis on a […]

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