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Barbados medical cannabis law clears final hurdle in Parliament

A law forming the legal foundation for a medical cannabis industry in Barbados has overcome the last important parliamentary hurdle after being approved by the Eastern Caribbean country’s Senate. The law, which covers activities related to cultivation, processing, dispensing and export, empowers the Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority to develop policies and guidelines for a newly […]

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What businesses need to know about exporting irradiated medical cannabis to Germany

By now, everyone knows that to export medical cannabis to Germany, which is by far the largest importer of medical cannabis flower in the world, achieving European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a prerequisite. But beyond getting that certification, certain quality requirements could have huge implications if they are not considered and integrated into a business’ […]

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Germany reveals wholesale medical cannabis price at 2.3 euros per gram, signaling no windfall for suppliers

The German federal government will buy at least 650 kilograms (1,433 pounds) of medical cannabis flower from domestic producers for approximately 1.5 million euros ($1.66 million) per quarter, which sets the average wholesale price at 2.3 euros per gram. The wholesale price implies that the high margins medical marijuana companies once enjoyed in that market could […]

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Tips for entering Europe’s medical cannabis market: Q&A with Christian Carlsen of Danish pharma firm NNE

Could medical cannabis be a growth engine for the pharmaceutical industry? A subsidiary of Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk is betting the answer is yes. NNE A/S, a 1,000-person strong pharmaceutical engineering and advisory unit of Novo Nordisk A/S , has been counselling medical cannabis companies on establishing pharmaceutical-grade facilities in Europe and Asia. NNE’s cannabis […]

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Canadian cannabis group appeals to Trudeau to help fix industry challenges

An industry group representing Canada’s biggest cannabis companies is appealing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help address some of the industry’s most persistent challenges. In a letter sent to Trudeau on Nov. 9 and made public Thursday night, the Cannabis Council of Canada highlighted a number of areas in need of improvement, including a […]

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New UK guidelines recommend public insurance coverage for two GW Pharma cannabis medicines, plus a synthetic cannabinoid

New British guidelines for the first time recommend that two plant-based cannabis medicines – Sativex and Epidiolex – be covered through the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), a significant step that is likely to boost sales of both products. Health regulators also are recommending the NHS make available a synthetic cannabinoid known as nabilone. […]

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