Florida Cannabis Market Update: Trulieve retains lead in stable week

The data for the Florida cannabis market through Feb. 27, 2020, appears relatively stable, with no major trend shifts or reversals to note.

Looking at the data for total milligrams sold for the past four weeks, Trulieve continued its dominance with 51.5% market share in the state.

Curleaf and Parallel both held relatively stable market share, while Liberty Health Sciences and Altmed Florida lost a bit of market share in the week.

2/20/20 2/27/20
Trulieve 48.9% 51.5%
Liberty Health Sciences 9.6% 8.0%
Parallel 9.2% 9.1%
AltMed Florida (Muv) 9.1% 8.6%
Curaleaf 7.6% 7.8%

Next week, we will begin reporting store-efficiency data for each of the reported product categories (THC, CBD, smokable form).

All of the data, as well as our interactive charting feature, can be downloaded here.

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