Updates to Your Investor Intelligence Portal

The cannabis industry changes at a rapid clip – and that means it can be challenging to get data and unbiased analysis that keeps pace. That’s why, starting this month, you’re seeing an enhanced Investor Intelligence.

Based on your feedback and insights, we’ve simplified how we deliver the latest market intelligence to you.

This investor portal will give you exclusive and continuous access to the features you’ve come to rely on and new data elements throughout the month – all without having to download a PDF or flip through a newsletter.

Each article will be posted directly to this site, where you’ll be able to search for the content you want.

Here are just some of the upcoming features you can look forward to this month:

  • Biosynthesis: What it means for cannabis investors.
  • The truth about earnings quality and the buyer’s right to know.
  • Interviews with industry executives and investment managers.
  • Profiles of companies looking for funding.

As we continue to enhance the content and your experience, we want to make sure we’re keeping your needs in mind.

Email us at investorintelligence@annehollandventures.com to let us know if there are any additional insights you’d like access to or if you have any feedback on what you see.