Israeli Company Developing ‘Designer’ MMJ Strains

An Israeli company is seeking government approval of a genetically bred cannabis strain that improves its medicinal value while reducing the psychological effects of marijuana.

KanaboSeed – a joint venture formed by software developer BreedIT and licensed medical marijuana grower Seach Ltd. – submitted applications for approval of two strains with increased CBD content and reduced THC levels, according to the Times of Israel.

Development of “designer” strains of marijuana that treat specific diseases are essential to development of the global medical cannabis industry, BreedIT CEO Oded Sagee said, according to the Times.ons.

“We intend to capitalize on the commercialization of new varieties, as allowed by the laws and regulations, in Israel and other countries where regulation permits the use of medical cannabis,” Sagee said.

The Agriculture Ministry and the Rural Development Plant Breeders’ Rights Council will now review the applications. Public hearings will be held, but so far no date has been set, according to the report.  The new strains that will be grown on land belonging to Seach Ltd. will then be evaluated, and if approved, the company will be granted a patent.

In Israel, patients apply to one of 31 authorized doctors for a prescription, which is then dispensed at authorized pharmacies, the Times reported.

Tikun Olam, a licensed medical marijuana growing facility in Israel, in July announced it had been testing Avidekel, a new strain of cannabis which has 15.8% CBD but less than 1% THC.



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  1. Kassandra Speaks on

    Why is it, that all governments without exception, all those in power and control, do not want us to get high ? Any ideas ? This is outrageous what is going on and must be confronted !


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