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Because scouting & monitoring are crucial components of your farm’s success, the team at Koppert announce an exclusive offer! The Koppert “Scouting Essentials Starter Pack” is now available for a limited time at no-cost to anyone interested!

Included in this offer is a 10x hand-lens & two packs of our HORIVER yellow trapping & monitoring sticky cards (20 total). With these tools in hand and Koppert’s expertise at your fingertips, together we will take your scouting game to the next level!

To receive your free Scouting Essentials Starter Pack, visit naturalenemies.com, add the Pack to your shopping cart, then use COUPON CODE: FREE SCOUTING PACK at checkout!

As an added bonus, click here to access a high-quality downloadable copy of Koppert’s Pest/Predator Identification Mini-Poster. Once downloaded, a copy of this Mini-Poster can be printed and posted anywhere your team members need access to a quick resource to identify what they find on their scouting rounds.