, KURZ releases cannabis security design

Press Release

Huntersville, NC

With the Cannabis industry becoming the new target for counterfeiters, it comes as no surprise that brands and consumers are increasingly looking to protect themselves from fraudulent and potentially harmful products and their after-effects. KURZ recognizes the need for brand protection and consumer safety solutions and announces a new cannabis-themed security design: TSL CannaSecure.

The new design was created with KURZ-owned non-holographic OVD (optically variable device) technology exclusively for the state-legal North-American cannabis market. The silver, fully metallized wallpaper design contains a balanced combination of colorful and achromatic proprietary structures, easy to verify and hard to duplicate security elements, covert security features and an unmistakable 3D cannabis leaf that appears embossed but is flat to the touch.

TSL CannaSecure is intended for verifiable cannabis industry brands, whether plant-touching or ancillary, dispensaries, testing labs, etc. It is available from stock as transfer decoration for permanent application onto primary and secondary packaging and labels by printers and converters. Alternatively, brand owners and their supply chain can choose a 35 x 15mm finished, pressure-sensitive tamper-evident label for direct application onto cannabis products and their packaging. Both are available with low minimum order quantities.

TSL CannaSecure helps protect cannabis products and related hardware and accessories from counterfeiting attempts and authenticates products as genuine. Both products are made with sustainability in mind for the ever-evolving needs of a unique industry. The design can be used as a main packaging decoration or as a security feature, on-product or as a closure label. The design can also be used for other label sizes and constructions, customized in gold or transparent color and combined with additional technologies such as human-readable UIDs for additional authentication options.

KURZ is the world’s largest global manufacturer of a host of transfer decoration products for a multitude of industries, including the packaging, labeling, high security and brand protection sectors. Please visit www.trustconcept.com or www.kurzusa.com/cannabis for more information or contact Reina Steiner at reina.steiner@kurzusa.com or call 1-800-950-3645.

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