Labeltronix announces premium cannabis labeling solution

September 21, 2021

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Jill Sambol, Marketing Manager
Phone: 714.363.4137

The Dynamic Hybrid Labeling Solution will help cannabis cultivators and manufacturers combine premium craft labels with on-demand variable printing. 

Anaheim, CALIFORNIA—Labeltronix, a leading provider of premium craft product labels announce the release of the Dynamic Hybrid Labeling Solution. The new solution helps cannabis brands print customized and variable labels as needed—without sacrificing label quality.

Traditional labeling methods require brands to compromise on either quality or convenience. With stringent compliance requirements, many cannabis producers were stuck adding tacky secondary labels to their products. By using a premium-printed base label from Labeltronix, finished with a specialized coating, and an Epson printer for on-demand printing, brands can add compliance information while maintaining a high-quality brand look and feel.

, Labeltronix announces premium cannabis labeling solution

The branded base label is printed either digitally or flexographically and can be finished with embossing, spot varnish, hot stamping, and more. When products are ready for labels, the cannabis company prints the variable information—e.g., strain, test lab, batch, dates, contents, and more—on the branded labels using its on-site Epson printer.

, Labeltronix announces premium cannabis labeling solution

“We saw how many brands were struggling to balance quality, cost, and flexibility with traditional label printing,” said John Trail, president and partner at Labeltronix. “The hybrid solution lets them use premium craft labels with the full flexibility of on-demand, on-site printing.”

Brands are using the Dynamic Hybrid Labeling Solution for cannabis flower, oils, edibles, topicals, beverages, and more.

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