Leaked Documents Behind Dismissal of OR Official

Tom Burns (Photo: OLCC)

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) says Tom Burns, the former head of marijuana programs in the state, was terminated from his post because he leaked sensitive documents to lobbyists for cannabis growers and dispensaries.

Burns was directly involved in the rulemaking process for the state’s recreational marijuana program, which is currently in development.

Burns apparently emailed at least one confidential document to lobbyists, a serious breach of protocol. After administrators found out about the leak and confronted him, he reportedly lied about it, according to an NBC affiliate.

“(Burns’) employment was ended when we presented him with the evidence that he had shared that document,” Tom Towslee, a spokesman for the OLCC, told the TV station.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of material Burns shared with the lobbyists.

The OLCC and other officials reiterated that despite the setback, the state remains on track for drafting regulations for the industry. Administrator Will Higlin has been assigned to take over for Burns for the time being.

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