Learn How to Start a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in California via iTunes

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If you’re looking to grow and sell pot for medical purposes in California, you might want to shell out about $10 for this audio tutorial on iTunes.

We were a bit skeptical about the quality and usefulness of the product – developed by Westin Bros. Publishing and called How To Start a Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Make Money Selling to Clubs in California – at first. But I checked out the free previews for several sections, and it seems fairly professional and informative for those just starting out.

The tracks walk you through everything from becoming a patient yourself to registering with the state and transporting, growing and selling the product. Think of it as paying $10 for a 45-minute seminar, though you don’t get to ask any follow-up questions.

The only problem: The laws and regulations in this industry change quickly, so the information could be outdated by the time you download it.