MA Town Nixes Dispensary, Forgoing Big Revenue Stream

A Massachusetts town has rejected a deal with a medical cannabis dispensary, in essence turning down hundreds of thousands of dollars in future revenue under the proposed terms.

The move by the city council leaves the town of Springfield without a dispensary, reported, and arguably leaves intact a “pay to play” culture in Massachusetts’ medical marijuana industry.

Hampden Care Facility Inc. had agreed to pay $50,000 a year to the town’s police department, plus a percentage of its gross revenue. But the city council didn’t like that the dispensary wanted five years of exclusivity in the municipality in return.

That means that to date only around a half dozen dispensaries remain open in the entire state, despite there being nearly 29,000 registered patients, and an unlimited number of dispensaries allowed by law.

Meanwhile, other Massachusetts towns are extracting tens if not hundreds of thousands in revenue from dispensaries in exchange for the ability to legally sell cannabis to MMJ patients.

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2 comments on “MA Town Nixes Dispensary, Forgoing Big Revenue Stream
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Previous reports in Marijuana Business Daily and other commenters have illuminated the myriad problems in Massachusetts with implementing a medical cannabis program approved by voters there in 2012. Four years is indeed painfully slow to solve those problems, yet it’s not surprising with the backdrop of a relentless national hatred of cannabis plants among still far too many (elected) public officials. It really irks when patients have to wait and suffer for any reason. But this looks like a smaller version of what happened in the Ohio vote—in both cases people are understandably leery of local cannabis monopolies. Even worse are the recent ridiculous statements from Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, MA Attorney General Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. Please stop trying to drill fear of cannabis flowers into your constituents’ heads. Such public statements constitute direct threats to the needs of Massachusetts medical cannabis patients. Plus, all of the raw materials from these miraculous plants—fibers, pulp, seeds, leaves and, yes, seedless female flowers that give people infinite amounts of happiness—equal a massive new infusion of common wealth in any jurisdiction that liberates them. You are complete tyrants to oppose it. Please stop! Cannabis is as American as apple pie! I pray Massachusetts voters choose to ignore your drivel and shine new light on cannabis plants statewide this November 2016.

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