Maine governor to query Trump on marijuana stance

Maine’s governor Paul LePage plans to ask President-elect Donald Trump if his incoming administration will enforce federal marijuana laws before LePage decides if he will challenge the state’s vote last week to legalize cannabis.

The answer to LePage’s question for Trump is of large interest to the cannabis industry as a whole, as Trump has not announced his cabinet appointments nor his official stance on marijuana.

Maine voted 381,060 in favor and 376,658 opposed, a margin of less than 1%, on the Nov. 8 ballot question to legalize marijuana for adults 21 or older.

In addition to LePage’s possible dispute of the referendum, the vote is being challenged by opposition group Mainers Protecting Our Youth and Communities, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The group has been circulating a petition to gather the 100 necessary signatures for a recount and hopes to submit them by the Wednesday deadline.

If the vote stands, adults will be allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. The law would go into effect the week of Dec. 19. Marijuana stores and other marijuana-related businesses are expected to open in about a year, after the state develops licensing rules and regulations.

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3 comments on “Maine governor to query Trump on marijuana stance
  1. Dave on

    See what Trump just said this week in his own words, about states with legal cannabis. starts at 4:10

    Trump also has said he is 100% behind, Medical Cannabis.

    Trump will do more for Cannabis then Obama did in his 8 years, which was NOTHING!

    BTW: If the Voter of Main voted to legalize the Governor has no right to try to change the will of the people.

    • Michelle on

      These statements were not from this week. These were statements made this summer, perhaps in June or July.

      We can only hope he will at least stand by these notions of States Rights, in the least and not return to stronger, Prohibitionist tendencies.

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