Maine lawmakers override governor’s veto of recreational marijuana bill

After fits and starts owing to political squabbles, Maine is moving forward to launch its adult-use marijuana market, likely by 2019 or 2020.

State lawmakers on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to override Gov. Paul LePage’s veto last week of a recreational MJ implementation bill.

The legislation develops the regulatory framework for the sale and taxation of recreational marijuana, which voters approved in 2016.

LePage, a Republican who has been a vociferous opponent of marijuana, had written in his veto letter Friday that he couldn’t “in good conscience” support a bill that violated federal law.

It was the second time LePage tried to thwart a rec MJ industry, but this time he was unsuccessful.

The Maine House voted 109-39 to overturn the veto. The Maine Senate voted 28 in favor with only six against.

The compromise legislation permits municipalities to opt-in and allow rec MJ sales. It also provides tax dollars for law enforcement and public awareness campaigns.

The medical and recreational MJ industries in Maine will operate under different sets of rules and tax rates.

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5 comments on “Maine lawmakers override governor’s veto of recreational marijuana bill
  1. james damiano on

    most pharma companies have too many politicians in theur pockets wemust override like they did in maine its the same with the oil industry we must stop allowing companies to run this countries and get rid of dirty politicians

  2. Glen on

    You’re going to love the newly-arrived homeless potheads camped on the streets in summer, blocking honest customers, defecating in the streets, and begging to supplement their new Maine welfare checks. Check out Denver if you don’t believe me.

    • John on

      Nice attempt at scare tactics Glen. Exaggeration has never been your strong suit… Now kindly open your eyes, it is 2018 not the 1950’s. Things are just fine in Denver/Colorado and cannabis has not done a single thing to bring harm to this state.

  3. Clifton Middleton on

    The gov represents the blood clot of politics, ignorant and proud of it, so conceited that he actually thinks he has the right to put people in jail for marijuana. He is done and the Great Lie is trampled under foot.

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