Maine Medical Cannabis Sales Total $16.2M

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Dispensaries in Maine sold an estimated $16.2 million worth of medical cannabis last year, while the state collected around $900,000 in taxes on those transactions, according to the latest figures.

The tax haul was about 40% more than 2013, according to the Portland Press Herald, meaning sales rose by a similar amount.

The state’s sizable caregiver community actually accounts for the bulk of medical marijuana transactions in the state. The Press Herald estimates caregiver sales totaled between $45 million and $60 million in 2014.

The state is home to 1,720 registered caregivers, 15,000 MMJ patients and eight dispensaries.

Maine is among the states that have recreational marijuana bills on the table this year.

One unique rec initiative proposed in the state would require 40% of marijuana to be supplied by small-scale growers. The proposal also would allow cannabis clubs, frowned upon in some states, where users could both purchase and consume cannabis.