Maine MMJ Job Fair Sets Shining Example

A medical marijuana trade group in Maine has reached out to a town where unemployment is on the rise, serving as an example of how the industry can attract new workers, win over locals and benefit the economy.

The Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine held a job fair and business conference on Monday night in the town of Lincoln, where a local paper mill laid off 200 people in December. The free introductory seminar discussed how to become a medical marijuana caregiver and how to navigate the state’s rules regarding medical marijuana, making edibles and other topics.

Organizers of the group said they specifically chose the town because of the economic hardships caused by the recent layoffs. The move helped foster a positive impression of medical marijuana in the community and encouraged some to consider jobs in cannabis. One attendee said he hadn’t smoked marijuana in 40 years, however the loss of his job convinced him to learn more about the medical marijuana industry.

More than 70 people attended the conference. Representatives from the medical marijuana group said caregivers in Maine can expect to earn between $30,000 to $50,000 a year. State regulations restrict caregivers to distribute marijuana to just five patients, however advocates there are working to increase that number.

The group’s representative, Paul McCarrier, estimates there are between 2,500 to 3,000 caregivers in the state.

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One comment on “Maine MMJ Job Fair Sets Shining Example
  1. Windy City on

    …This is an excellent example of how the industry can fill the void that unemployment has created AND give people a decent wage to boot. Too often the jobs that are forced upon them are part-time, minimum wage that a family would find it difficult, if not impossible to survive on.

    Kudos to the organizers as the town of Lincoln can look forward to seeing at least some of the workers laid off find gainful employment.

    Not to be forgotten is that industrial hemp also can make paper of varying types as well, so the paper mill that shut down can easily be replaced with a hemp mill that can make paper of any type needed…

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