Patrick Vo exited his job as CEO of BiotrackTHC after resigning from the board of is parent company, Helix TCS.

For more than seven years, Vo was an executive at Florida-based BioTrackTHC, a seed-to-sale software provider, most recently serving as CEO and president.

Colorado-based Helix TCS acquired BioTrackTHC in June 2018.

Helix is involved in marijuana security services, banking-related consulting and logistical support.

According to an 8-K filing from Helix TCS, Vo’s resignation on Sept. 12 “was not the result of a disagreement with the company on any matter relating to the company’s operations, policies or practices.”


Helix TCS spokesperson Colt Peterson said Vo left on good terms.

Helix TCS has appointed to its board Steve Janjic, who was the founder and CEO of Green Tree Industries, the parent company of Amercanex, a Denver-based electronic exchange and tax revenue tracking software company.

It wasn’t immediately clear who would replace Vo at BioTrackTHC.

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