Marijuana Testing Labs Almost Online in Southeast Alaska

A key component in southeast Alaska’s upcoming recreational cannabis industry is almost complete: Marijuana testing labs in Juneau, the state capital, are expected to be licensed soon.

That’s important for local cannabis entrepreneurs. All marijuana must be lab-tested under state law in Alaska, and cultivators can’t ship their MJ via air or sea under federal laws, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

At least two labs look like they’re on the verge of obtaining business permits: Southeast Alaska Labs and Juneau Cannabis Testing Labs. A third lab, Glacier Analytics, is also moving towards getting a testing license.

The state’s other testing labs are all so far located in Anchorage, which is more centrally located and easier to ship cannabis to via automobile.

“Everything is just really falling into place nicely,” the manager of Southeast Alaska Labs told the Alaska Dispatch News.

Juneau’s city planner also told the paper the city doesn’t “anticipate there being a whole lot of concerns with these facilities.”