Marley Natural Expanding Across State Lines

A cannabis company sporting a legendary name is expanding into multiple states, joining a limited number of marijuana businesses that have crossed state lines.

Marley Natural, which is backed by Seattle-based Privateer Holdings, first launched in California in February and is now available in Oregon, in dispensaries in Portland and Eugene. Further expansion across the state is on the way.

A Marley Natural spokesman said in an email the company plans to have cannabis products on shelves in Washington State this fall. It also has “team members” in New York.

In addition, the company has hemp-based products that are available online, as well as ancillary products such as candles and tote bags that are carried by more than 100 retailers across the country, the spokesman said.

Legal hurdles make it tougher for cannabis companies to expand into multiple states. Shipping marijuana across state lines remains a federal crime. To sell in more than one state, a company must find local partners to license their brand, or set up a new operation in that state.

Other companies that have crossed state lines include Bhang Chocolate, Db3, Dixie Brands, Strainz, and Wana Brands.

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2 comments on “Marley Natural Expanding Across State Lines
  1. Dave Armstrong on

    Say hello to Uncle Sam Marley Natural! I’m not sure who’s making decisions at Matley Natural but I can tell you one thing is for sure. You are blatantly violating Federal laws, not only the CSA for “selling” and “profiting” from the controlled substance marijuana but more importantly the RICO Act! Now you’ve gone too far folks, moving a controlled substance (marijuana) across state lines is a big NO NO and the IRS, DEA and DOJ will all be visiting you very soon! What makes Marley Natural believe they can operate a marijuana business that fly’s in the face of federal law? The Constitution of the United States and the “Federal Supremacy Clause” clearly states that when federal and state laws directly conflict then federal law preempts state law and federal law is the “law of the land”! I get the blatant violation of the CSA because those two state have passed state law allowing such but neither can or will make it lawful to blatantly violate the RICO Act! You’re truly treading on thin ice now and lucky I’m not a federal prosecutor cause I’d shut you down in a heartbeat. Now you’re NO different than the “black market” mules who illegally move marijuana across state lines and interfere with state commerce! You can’t put the cart (state law) before the horse (federal law) and expect the ride not to be a bumpy one. I highly suggest that your legal advisors rethink your unlawful actions and that you cease and desist blatantly violating federal law especially the RICO Act! Just wait until the IRS audits your business and finds out what you’re doing. Then you’ll know the long arm of the federal law can prosecute you civilly and criminally because you’re actions are NO different than a drug trafficking cartel with a famous name! Remember that the IRS likes to take famous people and their unlawful business or personal matters and make a mockery of them! You may be their next shinning example that if you blatantly violate federal laws the federal government will shut you down and out you in federal prison! Good luck with this bright business venture shipping a controlled substance from state to state with NO regard and remorse for Uncle Sam!

    Dave Armstrong
    Managing Member of MediMarts
    A Closed-Loop California Collective

    For more info: or

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