Maryland County Wants Out of MMJ Program

Another Maryland county wants to leave the state’s medical marijuana program, and this one is willing to sue to get its way.

The Calvert County board voted 4-1 this week to ask state lawmakers to give counties the option of banning marijuana dispensaries and growing facilities within their borders, according to the Washington Post.

In September, a top official from Anne Arundel County proposed prohibiting marijuana businesses in the county. Maryland’s attorney general responded that banning marijuana businesses would run afoul of state law.

So it’s possible that the county may wind up fighting the state in court over the matter. But if the county wins, it’s not clear how many licenses may be affected.

Under Maryland’s medical marijuana program, each of the state’s 47 Senatorial districts can have two dispensaries. Calvert County overlaps with two of those districts that between them received 21 of the total 811 dispensary license applications.

Those districts overlap with two other counties, so it’s likely that not all 21 of those applications were for Calvert County.

Anne Arundel contains four Senate districts that between them received 41 dispensary applications, and it shares with another county a fifth Senate district that received 22 dispensary applications.

County officials said that if they can’t ban marijuana businesses, they want the right to tax them and use the money for public safety and drug education programs, according to the Post.

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3 comments on “Maryland County Wants Out of MMJ Program
  1. George W. Shew on

    What a set back for moving ahead with mmj. Being a citizen of Maryland its a let down. Its time get serious about medical pot, there are so so many benefits from this plant. I dont believe in glamourizing it, but it really needs to taken off the schedule 1 list of drugs as a non medicinal drug. Its a crime against all that we dont have the freedom to use this plant in a free legal way. It is not the demon that it has been made out to be. Its just not. We have been told over and over and over that its bad. So I guess when one tells the masses something over and over and over they start to believe it. Some things needto be repeated. But on this subject its wrong, distorted and dishonest. Please why cant we just move forward with it.

  2. gloria on

    Another bad uneducated joke!! What should be banned, is the county offficials!!!! Who are those chosen few people, that think they should be the ones that dicatate what the people in the community want or don’t want? Let alone they are already wanting to change the new law? They are willing to spend taxpayer money to sue the state over it? Yes, uneducated, narcissist control freaks!!! Nuff said!

  3. Justin on

    Just another example of the barbaract good old boy network in Calvert county the county. Officials are living in the 50’s and are not reflective of the mostly liberal views of state…legalize it’s a PLANT

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