Maryland starts accepting adult-use cannabis business license applications

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Qualified cannabis entrepreneurs seeking one of Maryland’s first 179 adult-use marijuana business licenses have until Dec. 12 to apply.

The Maryland Cannabis Administration began accepting applications Monday.

In its first round, the state will issue:

  • 75 “standard dispensary” licenses.
  • 16 “standard grower’” permits.
  • 32 “standard processor” licenses.
  • 24 “micro grower” permits.
  • 24 “micro processor licenses.
  • Eight “micro dispensary” permits.

Successful applicants must have already completed a social equity verification process that’s currently closed, though the state has yet to process all the submissions.

Businesses need at least 65% ownership held by a verified social equity applicant, according to the state.

Applicants can try for only one application per license type, and no more than two applications per round will be accepted.

Some marijuana-industry hopefuls started the process over the summer, Washington DC TV station WUSA reported.

Fees range from $1,000 to no more than $10,000 for standard licenses, the TV station reported.

In the meantime, recreational cannabis has been on sale since July at existing medical marijuana dispensaries that converted to adult use.

Adult-use sales at those outlets could eclipse $275 million this year, according to the 2023 MJBiz Factbook.