MassCann’s Boston Freedom Rally: America’s 2nd Largest Annual Pot Legalization Party

Did you miss the webinar “Women Leaders in Cannabis: Shattering the Grass Ceiling?” Head to MJBiz YouTube to watch it now!

50,000 people are expected to attend MassCann’s 22nd annual Freedom Rally, which kicks off at noon this Saturday on Boston Common.  The timing — just after zillions of college students flooded back into town for fall semester — and the expected weather (a perfect New England autumn day) couldn’t be better.  Although a full line-up of speakers will be on hand to discuss legalization, medicinal research, and business matters… most attendees will be there for the bands, the excitement of a big, free public event, and the possibility to get stoned in public.

It’s also a great opportunity for the state of Massachusetts to refill its coffers by sending squadrons of plain clothes offices into the crowds to write as many $100 citation tickets as possible.  (The Rally’s advice to attendees “giving police a fake name for the purposes of avoiding a civil fine is also illegal, so don’t bother.”)

Paying sponsors include t-shirt vendor, Solar City for home solar panel supplies,  Grass City an online head shop, Boston tattoo parlor Stingray Body Art, and Liberty Bell Law Group “Because your defense is an investment, not a gamble”.