Medical Marijuana Industry Burgeoning in WA Town

The town of Port Angeles, Washington, has experienced a marijuana boom in 2014.

But the growth is tied to the medical – not recreational – market.

Three new medical marijuana dispensaries have opened up in the small burg (population: 20,000) on the North Olympic Peninsula so far this year, bringing the town’s total to five.

The five dispensaries serve a combined patient base of about 4,000, which includes residents of neighboring municipalities that have moratoriums on all marijuana retailers.

, Medical Marijuana Industry Burgeoning in WA TownThe situation in Port Angeles is playing out across Washington State, as the unregulated MMJ industry expands while recreational businesses wade through a sea of red tape and logistical issues.

An unintended side effect of this is that plenty of Washington tourists wind up visiting towns like Port Angeles wanting to purchase cannabis, but they hit a wall when they can only find MMJ dispensaries.

“I think we’re going to be used as a model as more states legalize cannabis about how not to do things,” one Port Angeles dispensary owner told a local news outlet.

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3 comments on “Medical Marijuana Industry Burgeoning in WA Town
  1. linda warren on

    Welcome to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula…We love I-502…Good economic program…good jobs ECO-Green business. LW

  2. skipper dog on

    It would be a humanitarian crime to alter WA St. Medical marijuana laws. Most patients by FAR are low income and could never afford to purchase their medicine at the exorborant over taxed price of recreational stores.

  3. John Q. Public on

    The existing allotment of retail stores in each city and county is more than sufficient to meet both recreational and medicinal demand. If there is ample demand for high CBD and other non-intoxicating cannabis products, then those products will be supplied. The only thing that won’t be supplied in the recreational stores are products that nobody wants to buy. Washington needs to deal with this soon if it wants its regulatory model to succeed.

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