CO Medical Cannabis Patient Numbers Rise

The number of medical cannabis patients in Colorado continues to grow, despite the introduction of recreational marijuana this year.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, the state’s patient registry grew by 1,767 patients in March, bringing the total to 115,208 active members. The growth came even though roughly 1,900 patients left the registry or let their cards expire during the month.

Curiously, medical marijuana sales actually dipped in March on a month-over-month basis despite the growth in patient numbers.

, CO Medical Cannabis Patient Numbers RiseAccording to the latest stats, the average age of patients with MMJ cards in Colorado is 42 years old; 66% of cardholders are male; 60% live in the Denver-metro area; and 285 total patients are under the age of 18.

Severe pain is the primary ailment treated by medical marijuana, with 94% of all patients reporting this condition. And 56% designate a caregiver or a dispensary to grow their medical marijuana, meaning 44% grow their own.

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2 comments on “CO Medical Cannabis Patient Numbers Rise
  1. Windy City on

    …I dunno if there is a price discrepancy, but if one has a legitimate ailment, it stands to reason that people would go to qualified physicians who would know and understand the many qualities of the cannabinoids present and accept the medication they would recommend/prescribe rather than self-medicate, even though many do that as well.

    The reason the sales may have dipped is that they are taking the medicine properly and do not use it when they don’t need it.

    Reason enough to understand that MMJ is a valid medication and not necessarily abused by everyone who takes it…

  2. victoria smith on

    Huge price difference. Medical is $35 an eighth, recreational is $70. A medical license costs about $180. Recreational sales are mainly for the novices and tourists. Regarding the sales drop in March, my guess is that it’s just an anomaly.

    Windy City, re: “people would go to qualified physicians…”, not really the way it works. Most docs won’t write mmj Rxs – they are worried about their Medicare/Medicaid payments (rightly so). The docs who do write mmj scripts are mostly retired from practice or in a field that does not involve Mcare/Mcaid. They don’t advise on strains. Patients rely on their budtenders and friends to figure out what works for them. Oh, and the interwebz. It’s worth a google.

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