, Meet a new skilled SEO player in the cannabis industry

The USA cannabis industry is vivid, and it is not easy to compete online. And we have a solution for your online business. MjSEO is a recently founded SEO agency, the main focus of which is the cannabis niche. But do not be misguided thinking that it is a young inexperienced company without a portfolio. MjSEO is a branch of SeoProfy, a company with more than 10 years of experience in SEO promotion working in international markets. So, if you want to raise the profitability of your enterprise, resort to the services of an agency with years of experience and many satisfied clients.

More facts about the parent company:

  • More than 10 years of experience;
  • Constant development in terms of markets and geo in which the agency works: 45 countries & 12 languages are already on the list of accomplished projects;
  • More than 150 employees working 24/7 to provide services to clients across the world;
  • The company developed tools that contribute greatly to the results of the services: LinkChecker, for instance, will take the link-building strategy up a notch.

Therefore, the MjSeo agency is a new market player that has combined the years of successful experience in SEO and the professionalism of the leading SEOists.

Why a Separate Agency?

, Meet a new skilled SEO player in the cannabis industryIn terms of expanding its business and markets in which SeoProfy is actively working, the cannabis industry has attracted the attention of specialists. Having analyzed the niche, it has become clear that the specifics of promotion are different from other industries, while the legislative peculiarities are also crucial. 

After working on three projects and satisfying the expectations of these clients, the company has decided to launch an agency that will work in this niche in the USA. This is a brief story of the MjSEO appearance.

Currently, the agency is actively working on building its portfolio in the cannabis niche and is looking for projects that would like to promote their businesses locally and even nationwide. If you own an e-commerce store offering CBD products or a dispensary and want to upscale it, MjSeo is an agency that will provide you with the SEO solution that will deliver the results you expect. Let your business bring you more profits thanks to its rankings in the search engine results.

More so, the niche is highly competitive, and more and more companies move online as a result of the contemporary trends and worldwide situation. So, businesses that do not promote their platforms on the internet will unlikely thrive. Do not miss out on the opportunity to increase the profitability of your enterprise — email the agency at hello@mjseo.agency and ask for the audit of your cannabis website! Enjoy the benefits of working with experienced international SEO specialists.

Services of MjSEO

To promote your cannabis business, the agency offers a range of services that have proven their effectiveness in the industry of CBD products. This is the main scope on which the agency is focused because this is what the majority of clients from the niche of selling marijuana and CBD products need for the promotion. 

Local SEO

, Meet a new skilled SEO player in the cannabis industryFirst of all, your brand must be well-recognized in the geographical area where it is located. That is why the specialists of the MjSeo agency will focus on the local SEO promotion. The actions taken in this direction will help your website to appear on the search results of the users from the city you work in. First of all, you will be able to compete with larger companies that are already widely recognized across the country. This is because the search engine will show local results higher than those of the national scale. Make use of this algorithm and get the most out of this search engine specific thanks to the local SEO services from MjSEO.

National SEO

, Meet a new skilled SEO player in the cannabis industryUndeniably, for those clients looking for an opportunity to increase their business nationwide, the MjSeo agency offers the services of the National SEO promotion. Do not miss out on the possibility of developing your business from a small or medium local store or dispensary to a country-recognized brand. Evolve your business together with MjSeo!

Link Building

, Meet a new skilled SEO player in the cannabis industryThe essential element of every promotional strategy is building the profile of links. Thanks to link-building services, your website will not only gain a better ranking from the search engine but also expand the target audience. The people reading the content on the platforms where the content with backlinks to your site will be published will get to know about your brand and the products you offer. Regardless of the scale of the promotion, local or national, link building will be part of the strategy from the MjSeo agency.

MjSEO — The SEO Solution for Your CBD Business to Succeed

Believing someone on the Internet is not so easy. That is why the MjSeo agency wants you to get acquainted with the company and its professional approach to every request. Get in touch by email or use the live chat form on the website, and the agency specialists will carry out a free audit of your website. Thanks to the obtained results, the agency will develop the plan of promotion and predict how your business will grow together with MjSeo. Do not miss out on this deal and order a free audit of your cannabis site today and find out how it can be promoted to gain more profits!

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