Membership Has Its Privileges at This Denver Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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While compiling a list of people in the industry we can talk to for future stories (hint, hint – hit us up), we came across an interesting notice on the website of a dispensary here in Denver.

Essentially, the facility – Denver Relief – is running low on supplies of its own strains of marijuana. As a result, it has more or less entered lock-down mode and is reserving its strains “for patients who have made us their primary provider.”

The notice goes on to say that it has secured strains from other dispensaries but that it’s no longer accepting new members until its next harvest.

In this case, it seems, loyalty really does pay off. Patients who frequent the establishment are ensured an uninterrupted supply of their favorite strains.

Earning and rewarding customer loyalty is becoming a hot topic in the industry as dispensaries look to set themselves apart as they compete on an increasingly crowded playing field. In some cases, that means giving top priority to your best customers when your supplies are low. In others, it could involve setting up what essentially amounts to rewards programs. You know, a type of weed punch card. There’s even a company that will help you design your own program and unique loyalty cards

We’ll be sure to explore this issue further in future posts.

As a side note, a quick call to Denver Relief revealed that the dispensary ran into some certification delays tied to city and county procedures. The dispensary will get some relief of its own tomorrow in the form of a new harvest. It hopes to be able to accept new members soon.