MI Dispensary Owners Consider Suing Over Raid

A husband and wife team that owns a locally licensed dispensary in Michigan is considering suing the county whose officers raided their home 19 months ago, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Annette and Dale Shattuck assert that even though the St. Claire County Drug Task Force returned most of the property it seized from the family in July 2014 after a raid, it’s not enough to compensate for the wrongs committed against them. Not all their belongings were returned, some of what was returned was damaged, and – most importantly – the raid traumatized their young children.

After receiving permission from local authorities in Kimball Township to open a dispensary, the couple received their license in early 2014 and, in an effort to achieve compliance, invited the county drug task force to inspect the business.

Instead, county officers raided the Shattuck’s home and later charged them with criminal possession of marijuana and intent to distribute.

But a circuit court judge threw out the charges against the couple, saying that one government entity can’t prosecute someone or a business for certain behavior after it received permission from another government entity to engage that behavior.

The case could become a precedent-setting one, given that there are numerous other dispensaries in the state operating with some level of government approval, even though Michigan still has no statewide medical cannabis industry regulations. And raids on dispensaries have been ongoing for years.

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One comment on “MI Dispensary Owners Consider Suing Over Raid
  1. Rosalie Solana on

    Of course they should sue, especially when they already have a favorable ruling from a circuit court that is binding on Michigan state courts. Extracting large damage awards from these idiots may be the only way to teach them some respect for citizens’ rights. We all know government is desperate to fill the coffers, so law “enforcement” is out in full force victimizing anyone they can. If the MJ community keeps taking abuses lying down, it will invite MORE thug behavior against them as easy targets.


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