State lawmakers in Mississippi might yet have a special session in an attempt to strike a legislative deal to legalize medical cannabis in the state.

The primary question appears to be when that session, which would be called by the governor, would be held.


According to the Associated Press, Gov. Tate Reeves is still hammering out details with legislative leaders as far as parameters for legalizing medical cannabis but that he still intends to call lawmakers back to the state Capitol to approve a new MMJ program.

“I believe very strongly that if we’re going to have a medical marijuana program, it’s very important that we get it done right,” Reeves said.

“I think getting it done right is more important than getting it done quick. But I also recognize the will of the voters,” he said, referring to a successful 2020 MMJ ballot measure that was tossed out by the state Supreme Court earlier this year over a technicality.

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Reeves added that he’s “very interested” in a THC potency cap, for instance.

GOP leaders in the Mississippi Legislature have said they’ve mostly reached an agreement on a medical marijuana program.

However, the chiefs of the state health and agricultural departments have criticized the plan and said there’s no funding mechanism for licensing or regulations yet in place.