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Investor Intelligence is your reliable subscription-based resource for the balanced and unbiased market data, realistic projections and insider analysis needed to navigate the hemp and cannabis industries. Whether researching private investment opportunities or conducting your own due diligence, Investor Intelligence delivers the trusted market intelligence that sophisticated cannabis investors depend on.

  • For high net worth and accredited investors tied to family offices, banks, venture capitalists, hedge funds and institutional investment firms
  • For decision makers exploring cannabis investment opportunities
  • For cannabis industry executives looking to place capital or expand their investments

Investor Intelligence is designed to help you identify and make deals in the next 3-18 months that can significantly impact your returns well into the future.


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Investor Intelligence Conference


Part of the official MJBizCon Week in Las Vegas, this dedicated cannabis investing event is focused on identifying new investment opportunities in cannabis while bringing together those looking for capital and those looking to place it.

Breakout sessions will cover a wide range of topics from the broad to the niche subjects: globalization of cannabis, the regulatory landscape, consolidation, and investing across all aspects of the value chain – including socially responsible investing. Attendees will hear about the varied US markets, as well as Canada, Europe, and the markets beyond.

Key investment topics will be woven throughout the conference, including:

  • The impact of legalization
  • Capital raises and allocation
  • M&As and valuations
  • Determining competitive advantage in a nascent industry, and more

With 35,000 industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs convening for MJBizCon Week, it only takes one connection, one insight or one new opportunity to change everything.