News & Views Episode 1: Cannabis oversupply with guest Jonathan Rubin, CEO of Cannabis Benchmark

Marijuana Business Daily presents News & Views Episode 1. Your hosts reporter Bart Schaneman and research editor Eli McVey will discuss falling wholesale cannabis prices in the United States.

Commentary includes:

  • The commoditization of marijuana.
  • How cultivators are dealing with price declines.
  • The impact of price declines on cultivators based on business model (vertically integrated vs. stand-alone) and grow type (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse).
  • The measures state regulators are taking to address wholesale price declines.
  • The impact of large, commercial-scale cultivation operations on the wholesale cannabis market.
  • How smaller growers can preserve their position in the industry amid wholesale price declines.
  • Strategies cultivators are using to maximize revenue.
  • Historical and forward-looking wholesale marijuana pricing trends.

The guest for this episode is Jonathan Rubin, CEO of Cannabis Benchmarks.

Sponsored by: Citizen Green Community

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