Comparing Apples and Oranges: A New Method for Evaluating Cultivation Facilities

David Kessler, Chief Science Officer

Cannabis cultivation has rapidly evolved from stealth basement grows to commercial facilities with precision controlled environments, however measuring the success of these facilities thorough Key Performance Measures (KPIs) has failed to keep pace.  Outdated KPI models, such as Yield Per Light or Grams Per Watt, are no longer adequate for comparing production outcomes between most modern operators.

Agrify’s latest webinar seeks to reimagine KPIs for a more effective evaluation of diverse cultivation methods and facilities. First, we highlight the fundamental inaccuracies of conventional KPIs. Secondly, we pinpoint the missing variables for accurate evaluation: light wattage and efficacy, canopy area, and production costs, including electricity, labor, materials, and time. Finally, we present a new, comprehensive KPI that can effectively account for all the variables: grams (yield) per sq. ft. of canopy (area) per day (time) at the specific cost per gram.

This webinar introduces a new approach for cross-facility and cross-technology comparison, supported by detailed, real-world examples. Attendees to this webinar will learn how a data-centered cultivation solution, driven by continual optimization and experimentation delivers meaningful insights and crop intelligence. By reimagining more accurate KPIs, growers can make better business decisions, to push cultivation to new heights.

Join us May 25th at noon ET/9 a.m. PT to learn more

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