MMJ Breakthrough? Medical Cannabis Management to Mass Produce New THC-Filled Electronic Cigarette

, MMJ Breakthrough? Medical Cannabis Management to Mass Produce New THC-Filled Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have been a godsend for thousands of nicotine fiends across the United States, providing a new way to puff without the smoke, smell and serious health consequences.

Now, an MMJ company is hoping to do the same for patients who smoke pot to ease their pain.

Medical Cannabis Management is gearing up to unveil a new THC-infused electronic cigarette, announcing that it has found a manufacturer and will begin producing the product immediately.

The publicly traded company, which provides marketing and consulting to MMJ businesses, believes that the product will “revolutionize”  the medical pot industry. The electronic cigarettes will contain cartridges filled with liquid THC in different flavors and dosages. Medical cannabis patients can use the devices to get all the pain-easing benefits of pot, exhaling odorless, carcinogen-free water vapor instead of smoke.

“I cannot describe how excited I am about this new product,” Mike Amezquita, chief executive officer of Medical Cannabis Management, said in a press release announcing development of the product. “While it is important to produce medical cannabis, having a much more viable delivery method is even more important. This could change the whole industry.”

The company will initially market the product to medical marijuana dispensaries and physicians. It has not disclosed details on how much the e-cigarettes and THC cartridges will cost.

There are a handful of small vaporizers on the market, though most don’t sell cartridges specifically with THC liquid. Last year, a group of scientists and entrepreneurs released a THC e-cig called Vapor Rush, offering an initial kit with refill cartridges for $100. But the product quietly disappeared, and the Vapor Rush website is no longer operational. Several dispensaries report that several companies do make THC-filled cartridges on a limited basis, though Medical Cannabis Management hopes to bring the idea more into the mainstream MMJ community.

The legality of such devices is unclear, given that the federal government, individual states and even cities and counties all have their own medical marijuana laws and regulations.

5 comments on “MMJ Breakthrough? Medical Cannabis Management to Mass Produce New THC-Filled Electronic Cigarette
  1. Paul Durkan on

    This so called business has a long history of putting out fantastic claims which never materialize. I wouldn’t expect this to be any different. I’ve reviewed what little financials they have submitted and it seems like this outfit sells more corporate stock than product.

  2. electronicmmjjoint on

    This is the original and best! Strong, powerful, and very effective.

    Included in each kit is: 1 battery, 1 cartridge, a charger, and a carrying case for a donation of only $60.
    If you are an MMJ patient, this is a must have. This device and liquid may be the future for MMJ patients who want to smoke, but don’t want all the carcinogens and want to be very discreet about it. This is NOT smoke, it is vape. You can carry your electronic Joint and you never have to deal with the hassle of lighting up. The e-juice is extracted from high quality MMJ and made into a vaporizable liquid.
    If you would like us to turn your dry meds into this liquid, we can do this for you for a 10 dollar donation per cartridge. We supply the cartridge. Each cartridge is equivalent to more than 1/8 ounce of meds. These cartridges are also refillable. You can expect to get approximately 8 to 10 cartridges per oz. of dry meds. These have become very popular and have been going for 40 to 50 dollars or more donations in the dispensaries. So let’s do some basic math: 8 cartridges per Oz. @ $10. Each =80 cost. At the dispensary the same amount of cartridges, (8) would cost a donation of $320 to $400.
    You can visit us at

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