National Marijuana Business Conference Set for November, Speakers Include DeAngelo, Kampia

, National Marijuana Business Conference Set for November, Speakers Include DeAngelo, Kampia

Medical Marijuana Business Daily will host a national conference for the cannabis industry just after the November elections, giving MMJ professionals the opportunity to hear from the brightest in the business, learn about best practices, analyze election results and network with others.

The inaugural National Marijuana Business Conference will be held on Nov. 8 and 9 at the Sherman Event Center in downtown Denver. More than 200 professionals from medical marijuana dispensaries, infused product makers, vendors and related cannabis businesses from across the U.S. are expected to attend. The National Cannabis Industry Association is sponsoring the event and plans to host a fundraising cocktail party on the opening night of the conference.

You can register to attend, sponsor or exhibit at

In addition to marijuana business management workshops, legal advisory sessions and “lessons learned” case studies presented by MMJ entrepreneurs, the conference will feature an Expo Hall with exhibits highlighting the latest infused products, technology and related products and services for dispensaries.

The conference is 100% dedicated to the business, financial and legal aspects of the industry – not patients, cannabis culture or general marijuana advocacy.

Several of the biggest names in the MMJ industry have agreed to speak, including Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center, Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project and Troy Dayton of The ArcView Group. Speakers will discuss a host of hot-button topics relevant to cannabis professionals, from banking and financial issues to legislation and regulations to the November election results. NCIA executives Steve Fox and Aaron Smith will also speak about national developments that affect the medical marijuana industry.

MMJ Business Daily is now actively recruiting additional speakers to talk about business aspects of medical marijuana and provide actionable advice and guidance. You can nominate someone, including yourself, here.

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  1. William A Wigle on

    Can any one tell me, if any state has ever taken the Fed. Gov. to the suprem court over the tenth amendment. I thought that the fed gov was only supposed to get into it if it was interstate. As long as it remained within the state boundries the fed gov was supposed to stay out of it. Can any one clearify what the 10 th amendment says about this topic

  2. William A Wigle on

    Did not the supreme court throw out the marijuna tax laws in 1967, or 68 because they were unconstitutional, because the government wasn’t issueing the tax stamps. Maybe what the feds are doing now is also unconstitutional as well

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