MMJ On the Way in Jamaica?

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First, the estate of legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley moved into the cannabis industry. Now, it looks like Jamaica itself could eventually set up a legal medical marijuana market.

The Jamaican Cabinet has backed a bill that would not only legalize medical marijuana, but also decriminalize small amounts of recreational marijuana and allow Rastafarians to legally use cannabis for religious purposes, according to the Associated Press.

The bill is expected to be introduced in the Jamaican Senate by the end of this week, said Justice Minister Mark Golding. Golding told the AP that the bill would set up a licensing agency to figure out regulations for the cultivation and sale of MMJ for “medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes.”

Under the bill’s provisions, possession of two ounces or less of recreational cannabis would be punished by a small fine, instead of jail time, and growing up to five plants would be allowed.