More Dispensary Raids in SoCal

Authorities in Southern California continue to target marijuana dispensaries.

On Wednesday, police in Pomona, California raided the People’s First Wellness Center and seized marijuana flowers and edibles, as well as computer equipment, cellphones and paperwork. Police said they could charge the business owner for zoning violations and operating without a business license.

Pomona is part of Los Angeles county, and it is located 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

The raid comes just two days after authorities raided four dispensaries in the town of Needles. Police there said they raided the businesses because the owners were selling to customers with out-of-state licenses, and because the owners themselves were residents of Arizona.

The Pomona raid followed six months of legal disputes between the business owner and local politicians, who had been using zoning regulations and legal proceedings to force the dispensary to cease operations. Dispensaries are forbidden from operating within the city limits in Pomona, however the People’s First Wellness Center had filed a suit against the city arguing that the ban violated its First Amendment rights.

City Attorney Andrew Jared said the business owner was allowed to open because he assured politicians that no marijuana sales would occur at the business; instead it would be a place to learn about medical marijuana. When officials learned the business had violated its agreement, it slapped the owner with a suit.

Police then went undercover to purchase marijuana products. They said they also received complaints that customers had gotten sick after purchasing marijuana wax from the shop.

Authorities must now make their case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to permanently shut down the dispensary. They will likely succeed. Los Angeles has been cracking down on unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries for the past few months under the controversial Proposition D, which allows only 135 businesses to operate in Los Angeles.


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6 comments on “More Dispensary Raids in SoCal
  1. Alan on

    As with most any other regulated business there are rules to follow. The breaking of those rules will always put your business at risk. Given the subject of Marijuana is a hot topic, one operating a MMJ dispensary should stick to the letter of the law especially if there are a lot of people that depend on it.

  2. Bonnie Wills on

    Basically, what is being said here is: If you don’t have the ‘correct’ paperwork, and you have made sure everything is in order, you are doomed to being ‘shut down’! Am I understanding that correctly?

  3. Patrick on

    The more oversight and regulation the industry has today, the more sustainable the future will be tomorrow.

    Let’s all be ok with this. Play by the rules and you’re protected. Violate the rules and you will be acted upon.

  4. Mr Pothead on

    Well said Patrick.

    Operating any business requires compliance with standards. If the cannabis industry is to acquire and then retain credibility then it needs to be regulated, because self regulation just will not work.

    If we weed the cowboys (no pun intended)out early on and attract principled entrepreneurs then a robust, sustainable and socially accepted industry can be developed.

  5. billdowns on

    I see this as a positive that protects the business’s that are following the rules. It would be great to see some follow up in regards to the wax making a patient ill.

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