National Association for Cannabis Lawyers to Launch

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Two California lawyers have teamed up to start the National Cannabis Bar Association, with the aim of connecting attorneys across the country and creating a network of legal resources for the marijuana industry.

Though the nonprofit organization’s website isn’t yet fully functional and ready to accept memberships, it will be up and running by the end of this weekend, said Shabnam Malek, the association’s president. Once it’s working, Malek expects membership to quickly reach into the hundreds, if not thousands.

“The excitement and interest…is overwhelming. I have yet to talk to a lawyer who hasn’t told me they’re ready to sign up,” Malek said. “I really think we’re going to go from this point to a membership exceeding 500 members in the first year.”

Malek envisions a database of members with expertise in intellectual property, corporate law, tax law, trademarking and patent protection, and more. And the association’s website will serve as a sort of clearinghouse, with a search function for expertise and location.

The group will focus on building as geographically broad a membership as possible. The association’s 10-member board has attorneys from Florida, New York, Oregon, Washington State and Colorado, along with California.