Nevada Advocates Bring Legalization Bid to the Toilet

Backers of a move to legalize recreational marijuana in Nevada are taking their message to an unlikely place: the bathroom.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol – which is spearheading the state’s legalization push – will place advertisements in restrooms in approximately 24 restaurants and bars across Las Vegas in July and August.

The ads highlight the cost of marijuana prohibition as well as the benefits of creating a system to regulate the plant similar to alcohol.

The ad campaign uses humorous bathroom-themed images to get the message across.

One ad features a nearly empty roll of toilet paper made of money. The text reads, “Limited resources should be reserved for serious matters.”

Another ad depicts a toilet filled with money, with text that reads, “Why flush more money down the toilet?”

, Nevada Advocates Bring Legalization Bid to the ToiletAdvocates have launched a petition drive to place a cannabis legalization bill on the 2016 ballot.

Supporters must obtain 101,667 valid signatures by Nov. 11. If they accomplish that goal, legislators could approve or reject the petition in 2015.

Many advocates believe lawmakers would reject the measure, which would then advance it to a ballot question for voters in 2016.

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One comment on “Nevada Advocates Bring Legalization Bid to the Toilet
  1. Austin Harrison on

    When, or where, did A.G. Burnett (Nevada Gaming Chairman) ‘Suddenly’ get “MORALS” when it comes to Mary Jane?
    Could it be that Nevada Gaming is not getting a “cut” of the “Money”?
    I say this because: Taking peoples “Money”-, is Nevada Gaming’s business. Taking/making money by way of ‘Gambling’. Is it not?
    Nevada Gaming licenses gambling where ‘Liquor’ is sold: Hotels, bars, resorts, nudie bars, escort(?) houses, prostitution business houses, stage productions/shows and gasoline stations selling liquor [? I always wondered about this one]. All have gaming devices-; ‘But’, NO marijuana.
    Have we not always been told that ‘gambling, prostitution, drinking too much, and drunk driving were not ‘MORAL’ things to be doing?
    Yet, Nevada Gaming “Licenses” all these. Even ‘protects’ the licensee.
    So where does Nevada Gaming’s Chair come about that being ‘associated’ with marijuana–, in some/any remote fashion, is ‘Immoral'(?) and licensing should be, or will be, with-held from people/business involved with gaming.
    Again, I say, it is “The Money”!!
    Nevada Gaming is not (YET?) getting any Money from the marijuana trades.
    If A.G. Burnett, aka Nevada Gaming, is not getting some kind of non-descript “Bonus” by helping(?) or regulating marijuana in some non-helpful way ;>) Nevada Gaming, aka A.G. Burnett, is not going to be helping anyone related with, or near to making any ‘Money’ in the marijuana trades.
    As Glenn Beck always says about “How to Find Politicians, Freedom Regulators/Restrictors, AND; Out and Out Crooks”: “Follow the MONEY Baby”!!

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