New Attempt to Defund DEA’s Anti-Cannabis Program

A new bipartisan bill has been put forward in the U.S. House of Representatives to quash an anti-marijuana program under the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The initiative, officially called the Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program, allows the DEA to distribute federal money to state and local governments to help them seize cannabis and destroy cultivation sites. In 2013, the DEA used $18 million for the program, according to Forbes.

The new congressional bill would ban the use of federal funds for the program, effectively abolishing it. The measure would also prohibit the transfer of any property to local governments if the property was intended to be used to support the DEA’s suppression program.

The bill – dubbed the Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture Funding for Marijuana Suppression Act – was introduced by Congressmen Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, and Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican.

The bill is the latest in a string of ongoing bipartisan attempts in Congress to reform federal marijuana laws.

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3 comments on “New Attempt to Defund DEA’s Anti-Cannabis Program
  1. Lawrence D. Goodwin on

    Repeal of cannabis prohibition does not work in bits and pieces. Federal lawmakers must immediately erase the fraudulent word “marihuana” in the Controlled Substances Act, and shift to federal regulation of these magnificent plants via a renamed Bureau of Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Done deal. The cannabis industry, which existed prior to the Anti Marihuana Tyranny, will again flourish.

  2. Jerry Cook on

    This would help a lot as would getting this very beneficial plant off the hypocritical Fed CSA. The Fed position needs to change to allowing full use of this amazing plant, as set out by each state. Without the current Fed position, states could move ahead much more easily, as they should and try to do. “Asset seizure” is just plain theft by a hypocritical govt, and this must be ended. A big thanks to Ted Lieu & Justin Amash for their work to end bought off & ignorant rip offs by the Fed govt.


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