NJ Voters Split on Decriminalization, Oppose Rec

New Jersey voters are split down the middle when it comes to legalizing marijuana possession, however they do not support creating a recreational industry.

A recent poll conducted by Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press found that 48% of voters support legalizing the possession of marijuana, while 47% oppose. Voters were less supportive of legalizing a recreational marijuana industry: just 36% were in favor and 45% opposed.

The poll did show that younger voters favor legalization. While just 45% of voters 55 and over favor it, 57% of voters younger than 35 support legalization.

, NJ Voters Split on Decriminalization, Oppose RecThe poll is an important litmus test for a legalization bill there that was recently proposed by state senator Nicholas Scutari. Scutari’s bill is similar to other recreational legalization bills in that it imposes purchasing caps, sets an age limit at 21 for customers and allows local municipalities to limit or even ban businesses.

But Scutari’s bill would earmark tax revenues from the program to pay for improvements to transportation infrastructure.

Since the bill’s introduction, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly voiced his opposition to expanding New Jersey’s current medical marijuana program. On Wednesday he told a group of 500 at an elementary school that, as long as he was governor, he would not permit decriminalization or legalization of the plant.

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3 comments on “NJ Voters Split on Decriminalization, Oppose Rec
  1. Bonnie Wills on

    Govenor Chris Christie just lost my vote if he ever runs for President.I had no idea that a guy of his age could be so “out dated” in his thinking.

  2. Windy City on

    …Gov. Christie becomes irrelevant in the wide-range scheme of things. He is too closely aligned with 20th century thought and is too far behind to catch up to the realities of the 21st century.

    Once he is replaced by a more competent opponent, either Republican or Democrat, he will be soon forgotten, save for the scandals he has recently been caught up with…

  3. J on

    Does/Did anyone think CC is even fully aware or has an unbiased education on these matters?…
    Understanding the doubtful fear(s) could be possibly justified by NJ’s current opiate scene and how bad it is, any “drug” for rec will have a mighty hard time, unless proper EDUCATION on mmj was more evident, instead of shoving it on the shelf labeled “all bad drugs same” & giving children the idea mmj is for pot head, couch stuck losers…
    The plant has much much more to offer than to just get a head change…not that there’s anything wrong with that{:~)

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